Sunday, 9 October 2011

My experience of playing NFS Hot Pursuit 2

Although NFS franchise is vast and demanding for like decades ago , its evolution is what makes it promising for driving games among hardcore gamers. I myself played alot of titles of NFS , but i am discouraged by the way cars behave in NFS HOT PURSUIT 2. You have to wait for a longer time to get your car achieve a speed that you feel while driving through traffic and whenever you hit on the side of tracks , boom , its like the whole world stopped and you have to push through all the way again.

I have played many simulators like RACEDRIVER GRID and Forza 3 and they were quite innovating and promising in playing. I found myself playing them for hours and hours and still feel the hunger to play more. But with Need For Speed games , one must have to go through the pain of how cars behave and specifically how the handling works.

So i just want you guys to share your thoughts about NFS HOT PURSUIT 2.

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